Q: I am not an engineer. Can I still join EWB Sacramento Valley?

A: Of course!!! We need all kinds of help from medical professionals to grant coordinators to administrative support. Do not let the organization name scare you. We don’t all wear pocket protectors and carry around graphing calculators (just some of us do). Chances are we need your help. To find out more, please visit our Volunteer page.

Q: When are the meetings? Can I just drop in without being a member?

A: The Chapter general meetings are typically on the last Wednesday of every other month. You can check the calendar for more details. Anybody can drop in and check it out. You do not need to be a member or have attended any previous meetings. The goal of these meetings is to see what we’re all about and bring new people into the fold. There are also individual project team meetings, and you’re welcome to attend these as well. Check the Chapter Calendar to find out when these meetings take place.

Q: What are the requirements for traveling to a country with an EWB Sacramento Valley project team?

A: If you would like to travel, there are requirements that a volunteer has to meet for both EWB National and the EWB Sacramento Valley chapter:

EWB-USA requires that you be a member (requires $100 membership fee for professionals) for 3 months before travelling. You also need to get approval from national before you can travel.

Q: Is travel a requirement to be part of a project?

A: Absolutely not!! We have a lot work to do here in the greater Sacramento area to support the design and commission of this project. There is plenty of opportunity to participate without leaving the state!

Q: Who pays for travelling to the project country?

A: The travelling members are responsible for raising the money to travel to the country. That said, the projects team members are always actively pursuing funds that can be used towards future travel.

Q: Sounds Great! How do I join?

A: Become a member and learn how to get involved through EWB-USA.