Background Information

Enoc Ortez is a community in the Madriz region of Nicaragua with a population of 250 people in about 99 households. The community is in need of latrines to improve the sanitation and health of its members. Through the Union Nacional de Agricultores y Ganderos (UNAG), the community submitted an application for EWB support to build approximately 25 latrines. The Sacramento Professional chapter was selected by EWB-Headquarter to assess and implement this project.

Ongoing Effort

Our team is working with the local community, NGO, and EWB’s Nicaragua office to define the scope and assessment trip plan for this project. Our team set up direct communication with the community via Whatsapp.

Get Involved by Joining the Nicaragua Project Team

If you are interested to find out more about our project. Please send us a message through our Contact Us Page or meet our members at the General Meeting.